First Bite of ALL OUT WAR

So, for many years I have been a fan of the zombie genre in films, books, and games, so much that I have a fully planned and researched zombie survival plan (as I am sure you do too)!

When I found out that Mantic Games had released a miniatures games based on the graphic novels, I decided that once I had finished my current projects I would get started with painting and playing with the survivors of the zombie apocalypse.

The first few kits I have grabbed are the Walking Dead starter box and the Scenery Booster, giving me my first set of survivors, and a good selection of 3D scenery to start my games and the Walker Booster, because when I imagine the end of the world there will be zombies, lots and lots of zombies!

8.2 - Walking dead core box.jpg

One of the main focus’ from the graphic novels is the character development of the groups of survivors as they fight for their lives on a day to day basis, pushing through the stress and desperation of watching those around them getting killed and inevitably turning into one of the walking dead. This has been reflected in the game in two way, firstly the rules of the game track the current ‘Threat Level’, which causes characters to panic and the Walkers to become increasingly more dangerous. The second is that some characters are available from different times during the apocalypse, such as the well known Rick Grimes. On the left he is freshly awoken from the hospital, new to the end of the world, and on the right, is Rick Grimes after having survived for over a year, and in the process of taking control of a prison.

8.3 - rick and prison rick.jpg

With all the games I play, which use miniatures, I really enjoy painting and adding character to the models, but this time around the first model that I wanted to paint was one of the cars from the scenery booster, the design may be simple but this will allow me a great opportunity to test out weathering techniques. The first to get the attention was a test for a new technique – using Hairspray!
(If you want a guide on this just ask in the comments)

8.4 - car - scenery booster.jpg
8.5 - rick and carl on car.jpg

Although the Comics and the TV series focus on the characters, with this apocalyptic game my focus will be on the zombies and the decaying remains of the USA. This is because the zombies are the main driver for all the decisions that survivors need to make, they are in almost every scene and comic frame, and when the survivors feel safe, the shambling horde is always there waiting to tear down all that has been saved!

8.6 - walker horde.jpg

Check for updates on more Walking Dead soon!