Bolt Action, Ay? Well, Go On Then...

With all the excitement for the Wild West Exodus Beta, I thought that I would take a step back from playing lots of games and pick up an old project, and give the models some hobby attention.

01. BA painter 1 squad (1).jpg
03. BA painted 3 MMG (1).jpg

After having watched a few of my friend playing the new Bolt Action rules, I decided that it needed to be added to my extensive collection of models. Wanting to pick a force that was different to my friends and enemies; I found that the American’s looked particularly interesting, more specifically the M26 Pershing tank, because it looks amazing – a truly iconic tank!
Needing Infantry and the rules, grabbing the Band of Brothers starter set seemed the logical choice. Being new the game, following the building instructions for the US Airborne I quickly had a decent sized force for gaming with. A day or two of painting later all of my soldiers and tanks had a reasonable look to them. 

Since then I have only played a few, small skirmish games to learn the rules, and have added a few new toys in the past week. One of the things that I have discovered, is that I really enjoy painting and blowing stuff up with tanks. I have added in a M18 Hellcat, to combat the increased enemy* armour I have been facing and an LVT-2 for transporting my newly bought US Marines across the battlefield!

*Some of the warehouse guys here at Wayland are big collectors of the forces for Bolt Action, and they really enjoy playing the Tank War version of the rules.

I had the luck of attending one of London’s biggest Miniatures and War Game’s conventions – Salute 2017, where I had the great opportunity to talk tactics and modelling with the games creators, Warlord Games. After chatting with their battle-hardened staff I ended the day with a new addition to my US army, the Kodiak Close Assault Walker. Designed to challenge enemy aircraft and loaded with 6 different machine guns, it will help to fill an important role in my growing battalion. Also if my opponent has no aircraft it will work to punish any opposition Infantry that dares to step within range!

So after finding out that most of the models from the Bolt Action collection can be used in Konflikt ’47, I can see that my collection is going to be increasing in size, but with options for now using almost everything in both game systems. Now all I need to do is paint the new additions.