Fan Fiction - Reflections of Shadespire

His boots left craters behind him as Manfred Liebercroft hurried down the sand smothered street. The echoing voice of his lost brother had strayed him too far from his paid escort and guides. The skinless skeletons of once glass-clad towers clenched around him upon every turn, he was sure they had headed in this direction but, with the wind picking up, the footprints he had been following were gradually smoothing out. Fresh sand was slowly filling in each man-sized footprint and making things much harder for Manfred to trace. 

He took another turn and was halfway down another spindled street when he heard a loud crash from above. Glancing up he saw small shards of glass raining down from atop a once grand tower. His knees hit the sand, his arms crossed and pressed against his forehead as he buried his face into the rough dry sand, his chin just touching his knees. Like a shelled creature from coasts of a long forgotten world, he tucked himself in and waited for the crystal rain to come. Within moments he felt the shards hitting and bouncing off of his back, they were only small and had no penetrating effect against his large leather overcoat. They fell, bounced and scattered around him in this realm of death, they were like the weighted tears of old ones, grief-stricken over what this city had become, the gifts it once had and the curse it now contains.

Once he had felt the last shard ripple off of his back he uncovered himself and was about to stand when he noticed a reflection in one of the shards that laid beside him. The eyes, those eyes staring back at him, they were his brother's eyes. Instantly he hurled his head around, but vacancy and an empty sand clad street were all that befell upon his disappointed eyes. He looked back again onto the shard, he could still faintly see the reflection of his brothers face, reflection... or projection maybe? His mind twisted and contorted with this unholy imaginative idea. He closed his eyes, breathed in and opened them back up to see nothing but empty glass. Had the madness of this place begun its corrosive journey into his mind? This question that he had asked himself had to wait for an answer as both his mind and his eyes focused on a more pressing issue. 

He could hear movement from within the tower who’s shards now littered the floor around him. Something had caused the glass to break and whatever it was it was moving down inside the tower at an inhuman pace. Manfred heaved himself up and ran, he could now hear its feet upon the sand behind him, it had given chase. Its pace was quick, the sound of it running reminded Manfred of an old story he once knew as a boy, one he wished had stayed just a story, but now all he could think of was; Ratmen.