South East Star Wars X-Wing Regional

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I, Jonni “Binksy” Reeks, the main X-Wing TO for Wayland Game and the founder of the local X-Wing group the “Wayland Wampas” have been helping out Wayland Games for over 2 years, to create a unique gaming experience for players of the X-Wing miniatures game format. My goal has been to be a friendly and helpful face from the local community for players to be the central point of contact when coming to events. Over my TO’ing time I have run standard, friendly and formal events such as Store Championships, and now it was time to run a Regional Championship event!

On the day itself, there was a buzz in the air with new and familiar faces spread throughout the 85+ players who turned up to the event. The first task of the day was to get everyone signed in. This took slightly longer than I wanted but having already got everyone's squad lists prior to the event helped to limit the amount of time it might have taken.

For the remainder of the first day, everything went swimmingly, players would bring me their results and I could get the next round pairings up. I was also able to get information out to the players with the use of an airhorn. The airhorn did surprise some of the players, when I sounded it off, but as Wayland Games is essentially a warehouse full of gaming tables it was something that was needed!

At the end of the first day the player results were announced and the top 16 players invited back to continue the knockout stage of regional event on the Sunday, whereas those who weren't in the top 16 were invited to come back and play in the side events. Unlucky for the players of the Wayland Wampas, none of them made the top 16 cut, but this had been a good learning experience for them.

Day two of the regional, the top 16 knockout phase, continued much more on time then the first day but with there only being 16 players to organised it wasn't as big of a task. The side events had been organised to run alongside the main regional event and to finish just before the final so that players could come and watch it, who would want to miss it afteral!

All in all I think the whole regional event was a great success and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. I would like thank all of the players who came to the event, I love holding these events for you all and I still greatly believe that it is the community that makes the game the amazing thing it is!

I would also like to give a special thanks to everyone at Wayland Games for putting their trust in me to run their event and hope to continue doing so for a long time!

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We are always keen on tournament feedback. If any players who came to the regional have any thoughts they would like to share, please feel free to email and we will forward information on to our Events Team and relevant Community Tournament Organisers.

Text by Jonni Reeks

Images taken by Zak Maklin