Painting Techniques: Hairspray Chipping

As part of my Hobby Resolution for 2018, I have decided to learn some new painting and modelling techniques - something I thought you would enjoy having a good look at it while I progress!

For this first blog, I shall be skipping through the building and converting steps, and the initial base coating steps, in order to get to the nitty-gritty of creating a chipping effect.

The model chosen for this is one of my Ork Battlewagons which I have converted to carry a Kromlech Flak Kannon.


After base coating in Citadel Chaos Black, I dry brushed on my rust effect. This consisted using Citadel Ryza Rust And Necron Compound Dry Paints and dry brushing these directly onto the model.  I then separated the model into smaller subassemblies.


I then applied a layer of satin varnish across the whole model, allowing it to dry overnight, the next day I applied several coats of my Hairspray of choice.

Once this was dry I applied a coat of Citadel Mechanicum Grey Spray Acrylic (it has to be acrylic or the next stage won't work).


Once this was dry I applied a coat of Citadel Mechanicu Grey Spray Acrylic (it has to be acrylic or the next stage work).

Naggaroth Night from Citadel is the spot colour on my Ork Army so this was next to be added.


Now comes the strange bit, you need some hot water (not Boiling) and a stiff bristle brush, I also use a toothbrush and a finger sander.


Using the stiff paintbrush apply the hot water to the surface of the model and leave it for a minute or so. 


A few seconds of agitation gives this result, and you just vary the amount of scrubbing and scraping with whatever tools you see fit.


And this is the end result! Short of some washes and some weathering powder, which I will cover in the next instalment. In which I will also show you the completed miniature.


I have a couple of bits already completed in this colour scheme and lots more work to come...


Make sure to check out my future blogs!

~ James