Malign Sorcery - Build Those Beasts!



The purple spiky ball of doom will live with me for a while, but more on that later!

Malign Sorcery is the new expansion pack for Age of Sigmar and brings with it persistent spells that roam the battlefield for victims with some really nice looking models. 


The box is stylish and inside is a nice looking but rather unnecessary plastic bag which contains all of the sprues. The miniatures come pre-coloured which is a nice touch for those of us with no time to paint. 

As you can see the models are well cast with a load of detail, most have only a few parts and everything is push fit.

Push fit, the phrase implies that you push the parts together and they fit, while this is true for 90% of the models, the purple death ball had other ideas. Now this isn’t to say that the parts didn’t fit, they certainly did. However, you need to be a combination of The Hulk and Luke Cage to push things together and not destroy your fingers! Every surface on this thing is spiky, and the push fit was rather snug - it’s definitely worth it though. It’s a very clever idea and even though there are a few gaps it’s a great model. 

  For those of you wondering about size, these things are big!

For those of you wondering about size, these things are big!


More on the rules to come as my hands are still recovering! As soon as I have read through the cards fully, I will let you know how they have changed the game.