Age of Sigmar: Magewrath Throne Review

Age of Sigmar: Magewrath Throne Review


When playing wargames for hours a nice comfy chair is always a good idea but how about some furniture for the tabletop? Well, the Magewrath Throne by Games Workshop is on hand to add a bit of style to your battlefield.

With this terrain kit, I was looking at speed and how quickly I could get it out of the box and to on the table top.


This kit has a little more pieces then the Balewind Vortex and, due to this, it also took longer to clean up.

The plinth base has a few areas where it needs filling and cleaning up I used a file for this which made short work of the problem.


The sides of the main throne and back also need some clean up due to where the manufacture cut off the parts, it seemed to have left some deep dents. This needed a bit of filing and scraping so  Games Workshop’s mouldline remover tool came in handy.


Once all the parts were cleaned up the throne was pretty easy to put together with all of the parts fitting together comfortably.


The Griffins/Dragons (I can't decided what they are) go either side of the throne. These took the most work as the chest parts were cut from the moulding process very roughly and once glued together needed some work to get even.


It may be an idea to try and fill in the central gap fits together with some Green Stuff or Citadel Technical: Liquid Green Stuff for a smoother finish.

Once all the parts were cleaned and glued together, it was time to spray paint them.

For the plinth, I used the Army Painter Matt Black and for the throne and Griffins/Dragons I first used the Army Painter Matt White then sprayed these with a gold spray like Retributor Armour Spray.


For all the gold pieces I applied a dry brush of Games Workshops Tin Bitz and Balthasar Gold which I then wiped away most of the paint so it would go into the recesses to make the parts look old and weathered.

Once this was dry I added a wash of Reikland Fleshshade to tie it all the golds together.


Next, I got to work on the stone plinth. I dry brushed the entire plinth using Codex Gray and Skavenblight Dinge.

The last part was to paint the thrones seat cushion which was done using Mechrite Red and a wash of Carrosburg Crimson…

There we have it one throne ready for the tabletop in a few hours...


I was thinking, after I took this picture, that a bit of Nihilakh Oxide could work a treat on the gold parts which would make it look even more weathered.

You could also use this kit in many different ways in your games, for example, using the plinth as an objective or as a chaotic alter. You could even base the Griffins/Dragons and use them as part of a storyline where they come to life...

As you can see this is another great little terrain kit from Games Workshop even though this needed a bit more time in the prep stage with the clean up of mould lines etc compared to the Balewind Vortex.

The good thing that both the Balewind Vortex and Magewrath Throne have in common is that they are at a good price, with a bit of clean up easy to put together and very easy to paint and get on the tabletop.

In my opinion? You can't go wrong with these kits.

Catch you next time!


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