Wayland Games at Tabletop Gaming Live

Wayland Games at Tabletop Gaming Live

Next weekend, September 29th and 30th, Wayland Games is heading to Tabletop Gaming Live at Alexandra Palace!

At Booth G1 you will be able to shop for your favourite game systems, taking advantage of our booth-wide discounts saving you up to 10% off RRP, to recruit new forces, build those armies, and get those lists in tip-top shape.

Whether you play board games, card games or miniatures games - you’re sure to find what you’re looking for on Booth G1. From Warhammer 40,000 to Infinity, from Star Wars: X-Wing to Malifaux, from Batman to Blood and Plunder - and more… you want it, we got it!

Want to know what else is going on at Booth G1? Well, let’s take a look...


Harry Potter Miniatures Game

Batman Miniatures Game

Warcradle Studios


He-Kome 75.jpg

Missed out on Wyrd Miniatures promotional Gen Con 2018 He-Kome miniature? Well, here’s your chance to get one of your very own!

Spend £75 on Wyrd products and you’ll get a FREE He-Kome miniature. You’ll have to be quick though as this promotion will only run whilst stocks last.

Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game


Welcome to the wonderful world of wizardry… at Wayland Games Booth G1!

You’ll be able to pick up your very own EXCLUSIVE Luna Lovegood (Lion Hat), for a very modest £15. This miniature was previously only available from Knight Models’ website and booth at Gen Con 2018 - but you have a second chance to pick up this exclusive miniature from us.

Batman Miniature Game


You can also pick up the Gen Con 2018 show exclusive for the Batman Miniatures Game from Booth G1.

The folks at Knight Models have been very generous indeed, giving all players another chance to purchase the Batman [Knightmare] for £15 from our booth. This miniature can be used in both the Batman Miniatures Game and the DC Miniatures Game - a perfect addition!


If you’re attending Tabletop Gaming Live on Saturday 29th September, why not pop over to our stand and have a demo of the Batman Miniatures Game - the streets of Gotham are a very dark place indeed…

Warcradle Studios

Wild West Exodus


We have the very deadly Nakano Gozen miniature available to purchase from our stand! The Emissary of the Blazing Sun shall be in attendance and will be available for purchase on our stand and direct from the Wild West Exodus online store throughout the whole of Tabletop Gaming Live.


Wild West Exodus demos will be running all weekend - it’s time to try out the Dystopian Age!

Dystopian Wars

3rd_Ed_Beta Demos.jpg

Now, this is something very special - a chance to take part in a Dystopian Wars Third Edition beta demo with the Warcradle Studios demo team!

If you’re a fan of Dystopian Wars, this is surely something you’ll want to take part in.

New Warcradle Classics! Wave VII at Wayland Games

New Warcradle Classics! Wave VII at Wayland Games

Batten Down the Hatches! Wave VI at Wayland Games

Batten Down the Hatches! Wave VI at Wayland Games