WyrdScapes: Edge of the Quarantine Zone Review

WyrdScapes: Edge of the Quarantine Zone Review

As a long time Wyrd fan, I was very excited when Wyrd Miniatures announced they were releasing their very own range of multi-part, modular plastic scenery kits in the form of the WyrdScapes: Edge of the Quarantine Zone.

I thought to myself; finally, I’ll have some solid plastic buildings to create my own little piece of Malifaux!

First Impressions

After getting my hands on two of the new kits; the Abandoned Store and Solarium, the first thing that grabbed my attention was their size and the level of detail - they’re huge and very beautifully designed!

There’s also lots of intricate details to explore inside the buildings (thanks to detachable roofs) which is essential as this scenery has been designed so that the inside of the buildings can be used in a game. Straight away, you can tell that hours of work have gone into the look and feel of each kit.


I decided to build the Abandoned Store first, thinking it’s best to start with the smaller of the two boxes, little did I know it had more parts than the Solarium…

I couldn’t find any building instructions online, however, being an experienced hobbyist, I took the challenge of assembling without instructions in my stride, and was pleasantly surprised to find that they’re pretty easy to assemble.

The Abandoned Store has 82 components over 5 sprues:

The Solarium has 56 components over 6 sprues:

Unlike some of Wyrd’s other Malifaux kits, I found that these WyrdScapes buildings have much less fiddly components - a very nice change if you have chubby sausage fingers like me and if you’ve had the “pleasure” of gluing in Yan Lo’s beard.

During the build I found that some of the parts required a little more effort to clip off and clean up, forcing me to change the blade on my modelling knife. However, once cleaned, the parts did fit together nice and snug. Most could be dry-fit and would stay together on their own.

Final Product

Each kit, once built, gives you a building with detachable lid as well as a separate roof, large enough to fit even a full Gremlin crew. They are very sturdy, fully modular and perfectly designed to be stacked and swapped around in any way you see fit, so every battlefield can be unique.

The only small negative I can see is that the roof sections sit on top of the building and do not clip in or attach in anyway, althought that doesn’t reduce the playability. The exterior and interior of both buildings is beautifully designed and really captures the Wyrd and wacky world of Malifaux.

I find more and more details each time I look at them; like the carpet inside the Solarium and the door header for the Abandoned Store.

WyrdScapes Abandoned Store

WyrdScapes Solarium

Overall Verdict

I am a huge fan of the WyrdScapes scenery! They look amazing, they are modular and have plenty of character to bring a little piece of Malifaux to your gaming table.

If you’re after plastic terrain with lashings of character for a 28-35mm wargame, the WyrdScape range is the one for you.

Now I just need to pick up the Makeshift Defenses, Pathways and Haunted Spires to finish my collection…

See you on The Other Side!

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