Let's Have a Go - Conversions

With every different style of army that I collect, I like to add my own unique character to the models that I build and paint. This can range from changing weapons and the pose of a model, to completely rebuilding the look and style of the model.

Most of the work that I do to the models is done with a knife, a decent idea and about three cups of coffee! Some of the models that I change the most are from my collection of Space Marines, as I will change the characters to fit the look and style of the army I am working with.

2017.05.19 - blog - 4.1- SM capt sword shield.jpg

With these models for my Space Marine, I have used hammer, sword and shields from different Games Workshop kits, starting with the position of the body and then adding the arms to give the model a sense of movement.

With the NCO's (noncommissioned officers) for my Bolt Action Americans, I have used the US Marines kit to create each model, but only using the components from the kit.

2017.05.19 - blog - 4.5- true bolter knife.jpg

Some conversion can take a little more planning and work to have a great outcome, as a collector of Games Workshop for over twenty years (from third edition of 40K up to now), there is one conversion that ,most hobbyists have considered, creating the 'True Scale Marine'. This is a Space Marine that is built in proportion to the background, and looking physically impressive when compared to the different factions.

For this conversion I used the arms and legs from the Terminator kit, the body's from the Tactical Squad (using modelling putty to widen the interior), and cutting two backpacks to create one wider back pack.

Although some conversations can take time to plan and create, I find that the best-looking work I have done is often the simple change of an arm, or swapping is a hand. With Legendary Nimue, I decided to change her so that she was slightly different to the others that have been appearing on Instagram (and the other social media places). This was a simple change, by cutting off her arm at the elbow and shoulder I was able to extend her arm and position the pistol to a firing pose. Nimue's weapons and appearance have changed, but she now looks different to her doppelgangers.
The best advice that I could offer to others, would be; go with that good idea! If you think that it's a cool idea then grab your models and spare bits and have a go!

2017.05.19 - blog - inq.front.jpg

Also, watch your thumbs with the knife, I have sliced mine more times than I would like to admit...