Museum Rush On Kickstarter NOW!

Museum Rush On Kickstarter NOW!

We have been buzzing about a particular game for a while now at Wayland HQ... Can you guess which one?


If you haven't already heard about it, the game that's got our whole team excited is called Museum Rush and it's available to back on Kickstarter NOW!

Whilst at Spiel 2017, we were given the chance to meet with the creators - who are a lovely bunch of people by the way - and have a demo of the game ourselves. So we took it!


One of our favourite aspects of Museum Rush is the different variations in which the layout of your "board" can be set up in.

If you've ever fancied stealing from the Louvre, then this may be the perfect chance to, as some of these variations are based on the layouts of real museums! 

Museum Rush really is a fast and fun game to play, so you can be rest assured nights in with this game and friends or family will not end like a game of monopoly... 


Museum Rush Gameplay:

The gameplay revolves around competitive thieving where players race against time to steal treasures from a museum whilst avoiding cameras, guards and their greedy rivals.

The aim is to swipe priceless exhibit's and find useful items to help deal with the guards - such as sultry Llamas, mighty Underwear, and high-tech camouflage in the form of a cardboard box - without getting caught.


If you get caught, you’re thrown out of the museum and everything you have collected is confiscated.

But it's okay because you can break in again and steal some more!

The goal is to escape with your loot before the time runs out. Once the last Clock card is drawn the game is over. The player with the most valuable haul wins the game!


Kickstarter Exclusives:

There are also Kickstarter exclusives available for backers to get their hands on!

This includes a limited edition Egyptian exhibit set, and extra Thief playing piece and card.

In the Egyptian Exhibit expansion, Guards are replaced by mummies and if you're caught, they'll cart you off to the sacrificial altar.

The card expansion also includes the Necronomicon which allows you to control a Mummy, potentially helping you grab precious jewellery to add to your haul!

Both the limited edition Egyptian Exhibit expansion set and additional thief playing piece and card are available to backers pledging £50 or more.

The creators of Museum Rush have stated The Big Score (a pledge of £50 or more) is the best value of all pledge options; containing the rule book, and everything needed to play the game, all the Kickstarter Exclusives they are making and unlocked stretch goals.

If you like the sound of this tabletop game as much as we do, you can head to the Museum Rush Kickstarter page to make a pledge!

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