Rats Beneath the Town

Set within the world that was, just prior to the End Times that devastated the lands, Sir Roland has been given the task of reclaiming a small town once lost to a Skaven plague. However, more than just teeth and swords await him and his brave group.

Introduce New Role Play Gamers to Slay the Demogorgan!

More and more people are finding games as an acceptable evening, or even weekend, activity; whether it be computer or board. 

However, Role Playing Games are still seen, by some, as a game-type littered with hurdles when trying to introduce new gamers.

Our blogger, Richard C's, first blog is about introducing people to RPGs and how to lead them on the first few steps from timid newbie to sword-wielding Hero.

Fan Fiction - Reflections of Shadespire

Community Blogger, Damien, has been spinning a yarn:

A few weeks had passed since the last letter graced his eyes. Fearful for his brother's safety and worried that his lust of treasure had lured him too close to the clutches of some unknown capture, our hero headed out for the dreaded ruined city in a desperate and almost maddening search for him.


"Some question the sanity of mounting a giant galvanic projector on an iron hulled warship. Those who would dare to doubt are shortsighted, blinkered idioten! Faith and intellect are qualities we have in abundance and they have seen our works take to the seas with only minor collateral loss. Still, to waylay any lingering fears, ice has proven not only more stable as a firing platform but less prone to mishap also."
Knight Luminary Karolina Sanders, Teutonic Order.